Longquan Mayor Wang Guofeng and his delegation visited BOSOM for investigation and guidance

Release time:2023/03/05 Publisher:

On the morning of March 4th, the Mayor of Longquan Municipal People's Government Wang Guofeng and his delegation visited BOSOM New Materials for investigation and guidance, accompanied by Zhou Yongsong, Chairman and general manager of BOSOM.

Zhou Yongsong, on behalf of BOSOM, thanked the Longquan City government for the concern and attention to the automobile air conditioning parts industry chain enterprises such as BOSOM, and introduced the company's current construction and development in detail to Mayor Wang.


Mayor Wang Guofeng in-depth investigation of the Hangzhou headquarters construction site, China CNAS laboratory, carefully listen to the business situation of BOSOM since 2009, as well as the industrial chain, technology research and development advantages. Mayor Wang Guofeng not only affirmed the annual average compound growth rate of more than 30% of the sales performance of BOSOM since its establishment, but also expressed the confidence of the development of BOSOM in the automotive engine and its surrounding high heat resistance, alcohol hydrolysis resistance of the functional parts to plastic instead of steel and other fields.

Mayor Wang Guofeng pointed out that the auto air conditioning parts industry in Longquan has been the fastest developing, largest scale and best potential industrial industry. At the same time, Longquan Auto air conditioning parts Industrial Cluster is the largest auto air conditioning parts manufacturing base in China, as well as the auto air conditioning parts manufacturing and production base granted by China Automobile Association. After the auto parts industry "driving" into the new energy track, Longquan has been committed to cultivating the whole industry chain of new energy auto parts, enhancing the collaborative innovation ability and key parts manufacturing ability of the industry chain. We warmly welcome "invisible champion" enterprises in subdivision fields such as BOSOM to invest in Longquan and help Longquan, strengthen resource integration and project connection, and jointly promote the development of Longquan auto air conditioning parts industry chain extension and reinforcement.


Zhou Yongsong said, "BOSOM will make great efforts to replace metal with high-performance modified engineering plastics. In the application fields of new energy vehicles, traditional automobile engines and their surroundings, high heat resistance and alcohol hydrolysis resistance, plastic instead of steel, etc., the problem of 'jam' is solved, and the import substitution is strive to be realized. At the same time, we will consolidate our strength and provide strong support for the research and development of new materials and solutions for the auto air conditioning parts industry in Longquan City.