Welcome to the online home of Chris White. In a perfect world, comedians would need no websites. In a slightly less-than-perfect world, comedians might need websites, but their name with a ".com" at the end would be available, and not registered to a freelance advertising writer from Norfolk, Va. We live in a crappy world, is the point.

I do a lot of things, and I even do some of those things well, according to my mom. Click around and see some of the fine stuff I've come up with over the years. You can also e-mail me at chris@dcstandup.com, especially if you want to throw money at me to do stuff for you. Go nuts.

November 2014: Maui

Ye olde wife and I took a whirlwind trip to Hawaii over Halloween weekend for a comedy festival. It turns out there's also stuff to do during the day! Read about it on the Hawaii travel page.

October 2014: West Virginia

Just in time for the holiday, I added the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum to my West Virginia travel page. There's also a nice little write-up of the State Wildlife Center.

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