Zhejiang Enterprise Technology Center! BOSOM made its first entry and made the list

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Recently, the Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology announced the 2022 "List of enterprises to be identified as 2022 (the 29th batch) Zhejiang Enterprise Technology Center", Linping District has 2 enterprises on the list. Hangzhou BOSOM New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. declared for the first time and was evaluated as the 2022 Zhejiang Enterprise Technology Center ", which is another honor for BOSOM New Materials after high thermal conductivity nylon was evaluated as the first batch of new materials in China in September this year.

Let's take a look at Honmatsu Shinai's code of honor

Why can BOSOM New materials stand out and be awarded Zhejiang Enterprise Technology Center?

First of all, our peers in and out of the industry, especially outstanding peers in China and abroad, set an example for us.After more than 10 years of development, BOSOM has also made some small achievements in the following areas:

1. Leading technology: leading technology in some subdivided fields, the main performance and technical indicators of a number of products at the international/domestic advanced level, such as high thermal conductivity nylon was identified as the first batch of domestic.

2. Hardware strength: China CNAS certification laboratory has been built, with more than 120 sets of testing, analysis and evaluation equipment for materials and applications. The main production equipment is world-class.

      3. technical strength: technical personnel account for about 30%, including master degree or above account for about 40%.

How will the technology Center develop in the future?

1. Leading product innovation: Continue to focus on the 4 subdivisions of modified PA6/PA66, modified high temperature nylon, halogen-free flame-retardant nylon, plastic instead of aluminum cooling materials, learn from outstanding colleagues at home and abroad, challenge together, and strive to become the industry leader.

2, Process technology innovation: Strive for rapid crystallization engineering plastic online molding technology to achieve large-scale production before 2025, strive for parts from material modification to parts molding energy saving and carbon reduction of more than 20%.

3. Industrial chain innovation: Participated in the leading enterprises in the subdivided industry, and mastered the core technology of the systematic industrial chain in the research and development of special nylon resin synthesis, special additive synthesis, flame retardant synthesis, etc.

4, Intelligent simulation technology innovation: starting from the demand of parts, combined with structural design, mold flow analysis, mold design, molding process, modified material formula design and extrusion process design, back to the intelligent simulation technology of the demand of parts.


BOSOM will firmly learn from domestic and foreign outstanding enterprises, adhere to independent innovation. Although the road is far, every day, not afraid of thousands of miles.